The left sidebar has great tools you need to learn to use. These include items you have entered into your home page and tools you can use to search market events.

Learning how to use them can help you grow your business as well as shopping search. Click on each one and familiarize yourself on how you can best use these tools:

"NEWS FEED" means all the public posts and announcements made by everybody on the site. If you choose everyone, that can get really crowded. So you can filter news feeds by selecting one of the five categories. We've set default at "Me & Friends" but you can open any of the other options anytime to see what's going on.

"FILTER BY APPS" means you can pull up your posted articles, events, photos, profile updates, updates and sign-ins.

"CUSTOM FILTERS" means you can retrieve what specifically interests you. Let' say you are a doll maker and you want to know what others are doing and buying, just hit "Add Filter" and write #dolls.

"APPLICATIONS" means such programs as Calendar that is built into the events form. RSS feeds pulls in info from the feeds you have chosen. Tasks is a kind of "to do" list that is seen only by you. You will want to have RSS feeds from your site or site pages herein.

"EVENTS" are those that you have entered. If you are a vendor, you need to post them for such things as booth locations, sales and anything else out of the ordinary. Events keep you noticed. More broadly, if you are a shopper you can search for them so vendors should have good key search words.

"PAGES" Here's how to make your own pages. First, click your account name next to the search box above. Review the items under "Account" and "Discover" just to familiarize yourself with them. You will discover you can control most everything. Next, click "Pages" under "Discover." You can filter pages from "all" to your "liked." This is a great way to see who's doing what between events.

Now, to make your page(s), select "NEW PAGE" at the upper left, select your category. This takes you to your page details. Input your information. You can always change and add to it later. You don't have to have a separate Web site, but there is a link box for it if you do.

These are the highlights of the left sidebar. There is more there that are self explanatory.

Explore the "Recent Updates" center section of the page. This is where you write, link and upload media about recent updates, your products or yourself.

Have questions? After reviewing your system and you don't find an answer shoot me an email. I'll do my best to let you know if a solution to your question is possible or answer it.


Ben "BenQQ" Harrison
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.