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Signage for Vendor Events
For passerby visual grab from your table top at events:
      A. 1’x2’ hard back table top signage—designed to be used from one venue event to another
           larger sizes up to wall available.
     B.  2’x3’ acrylic banners with grommets—multiple sizes
     C. advertising posters—from small to large in various media
     D. wall covers / murals—perfect for visual recognition at the end of an isle
Note: Whether signage or business magnets, we design and build most everything locally. Therefore for any product you order, you have the option of using the design, always originated in high resolution full color,
in very large to very small formats. For example here is a Business Art Magnet (BAM). This same design is used for this large banner as well: banner and BAM:
Ground Campaigns and Physical Ad Products
Laminated Ring Flip Cards—group distribution only--for hanging on doors, dropping off at offices, handing out at booths
3” x 5”
This Order 240 general distribution  |  9 advertiser  | 1 our records
Full 4 color, round corner, heavy stock with laminated cover bound together by ring.
Price includes one side only so recipient flips through card collection to see advertiser on either side. 
Optionally you can order your art on both sides. Otherwise, different advertiser on each side. 
$249 includes art, 1 hi-res photo that we make and process and distribution. Complex art extra.
Can order cards laminated and stock cards separately—inquire
These can be transferred from business cards and murals, depending on original resolution
Distribution date: Nov 1
Laminated Cards—for your bag stuffers, mail inclusions, including in our door hanger campaigns, etc.
Order any amount in increments of 10/min. 10 
   1-99/ .50 ea + tax/mailing
   100-200/.40 ea.
     double sided printing ad .10 ea
Full 4 color, round corner, heavy stock, lamination.
Price includes both sides with your provided art.
Our Art origination $50. Original photography: $75/hr.  You can use our hi-res photography free from our catalogue and online collection. Inquire. We will send you suggested images.
These can be transferred from business cards and murals, depending on original resolution.
Business Art Magnets (BAMs) always a keeper that you can actually sell with your design or give away with purchases.
Prices start at $5 and go down to $1.50 over 50
Glad to send a sample if you request. Free Membership. This is the umbrella organization for marketing services that we’re glad to help you build. You can post media, promote your products, build followers, 
develop groups and discover new event locations. All of the art above can be reduced to size to be placed on your page as well—as well too the news release package discussed below. Free. Here we are transitioning to stories and profiles about independent businesses, crafters and artists. We’d love to do one about you. These stories are separately promoted but mutually linked to
Upcoming: news releases and features on your business. If you offer craft products or unusual services, consider doing a Christmas news release nationally to local. There is a how to section opening this weekend on news releases.
Christmas door hanger packet campaign
250 upscale homes 
hand delivered and visually verified
location: East Memphis or Bartlett TBA
Cost: $69 + tx This is a guarantee of planting your promotional material into 250 active upscale homes at .27 per home. 
Your promotional items like…coupons, glossy and matte photos, post cards, business cards, laminated graphic cards, envelopes containing your various materials, even samples of products size permitting. You can put any assortment of items as long as they fit.  We’ll let you know if we cannot fit any of your items in the packet. If there is a questions about size, send us the item you want included and we’ll check. All inclusions must be small enough to fit loosely. 
If you are including more than 2 items, you must have them in an envelope. About the envelopes...
For example, if you have more than one printed page—say a page of product pictures, a page about you or your company and a separate contact sheet--you must send them to us in individually pre-stuffed sealed business envelopesYou can include a single 8x10 page as a stand alone in the packet, but if you have more than 2 pages or a card and one or more printed pages, they must be inside an envelope. 
Recommended content: product photos and photos with your picture. We have taken photos of many of you with your product. This is a great way to use them. With those are even contact and sales information graphically included. We recommend having at least one image with good copy. Also, we recommend making it personal from you as a crafts person or artist.
Monday Oct.16
Yes, we can create your promotional materials for the packet. However, if you have a printer and a camera, you can if you have the time create good, acceptable material that are not necessarily slick but does sell. So does personal. Contact me directly with your questions. 
Cheers all,
Ben “BenQQ” Harrison
As usual, if you do not want to receive these marketing announcements, write remove in the subject line and send back.